Bulletin Studio Property Search

This is a project I worked on with Darwin Technologies.  The aim is to recreate the functionality of our existing bespoke system ip4properties.com using wordpress as a platform and building appropriate plugins to add in the required behaviour.

So far we have two sites,  Bode Adediji Partnership, and Pacific Capital Properties , using the new system which allows agents to manage their property portfolios and provides users with structured search by location, price and property type.

Hopefully this will grow over time and eventually spread out to incorporating different business types in a similar style.

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  1. Caroline

    Is there any chance of this becoming a WP plug in? Desperately needing a search option that allows for more than one option in the drop down menu.

  2. Richie

    Second that! Any chance of it becoming a plugin for wordpress, can’t find anything half decent out there to use at the moment.

  3. Don
  4. Thailand Property

    very nice blog, i gonna visit again

  5. Harrison

    Don, this is amazing. Congratulations for this wonderful work
    My questions are:
    Did you just use the configurations in the plugin admin? or did you make some custom arrangements to the plugin code in order to create those search forms?

    My other question is that how can I exclude a category? I am looking for the availability to search all categories but one which happens to be a featured articles category.


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  7. tania

    check out this great search interface that i built based on your plugin!
    thank you!!

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  13. Costa del Sol Property

    All the sites are down, interested in seeing the real estate project that is running with WordPress.

  14. Bank Repossessions Costa del Sol

    Pacific Capital Properties website looks really nice and clean, all the other property websites are down so you can’t see the plugin, pity 🙁

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